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After suffering an injury at work, you were diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). You may or may not have heard of CRPS and probably have a lot of questions about the syndrome and it’s symptoms. What is CRPS or as it is also refereed to, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)? CRPS is a rare nuero-inflammatory disorder that affects approximately 200,000 people each year in the U.S. According to research, CRPS can occur at any age and to individuals of both sexes. However, research has shown CRPS may be more common among individuals between the ages of 40 and 60.

What causes RSD to occur? The exact cause of RSD is not known, however, it’s believed RSD is caused by the body’s abnormal reaction to trauma. When an injury occurs, specifically a musculoskeletal or nerve injury, the nervous and immune system respond and react. It’s believed patients suffering from RSD experience a malfunction of the nervous and immune system’s response to trauma. As a result of the nervous and immune system’s misfiring, the brain is sent constant pain signals, resulting in chronic pain and other disabling symptoms.

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What are the symptoms of CRPS? The primary and most chronic symptom of CRPS is severe pain. Individuals suffering from CRPS may describe the pain as deep, cold, burning or aching. Pain associated with CRPS is oftentimes worse than the pain associated with the initial trauma or injury. Other symptoms of CRPS, include:

  • Increased skin sensitivity
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Unusual hair or nail growth
  • Fluctuating skin temperature
  • Excessive sweating in the affected area
  • Muscle weakness in the affected area

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Are there different types of RSD? Yes, there are two main types of RSD – Type I and Type II. Type I RSD is categorized by soft tissue injury of the affected area. Soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and burns, and certain medical conditions like arthritis are linked to the development of Type I RSD. Type II RSD is categorized by nerve damage. Unlike Type I RSD, the only cause of Type II RSD is nerve injury.

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Currently, CRPS cannot be cured, but the earlier the syndrome is diagnosed the better the prognosis. Because it can be difficult to cope with the pain of CRPS, many patients experience negative emotional side effects. It’s common for a CRPS patient to suffer from depression, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. Individuals suffering from CRPS are encouraged to seek ongoing physical and emotional support to cope with the complications associated with the syndrome.

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If you have been diagnosed with occupational RSD, it would be wise to talk to a skilled workers compensation lawyer in Riverside or a Riverside construction accident attorneys At California Workers Compensation Lawyers as soon as possible. Without their help, it may be difficult convincing the insurance company your disorder is work-related. With a caring RSD lawyer and Riverside chemical exposure lawyer legal assistance, you can feel confident your case will be taken seriously. They will leave no stone unturned in their quest to get you a successful case outcome. You shouldn’t have to suffer twice. Reach our group today at 951-373-4321 to arrange a free case consultation. There are never any upfront fees and you won’t have to pay a dime until your case is won.

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