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The shoulder is one of the most complex and mobile joints in the human body. The shoulder has an incredible range of motion. But, its ability to perform many different movements also makes it very unstable. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, more than 7.5 million Americans sought medical treatment for a shoulder injury problem in 2006.

How does a shoulder injury occur? Most shoulder injuries are caused by trauma; however, shoulder injuries stemming from repetitive motion are on the rise. Is it possible to suffer a shoulder injury while at work? Yes! Many types of shoulder injuries can happen at work. According to multiple studies, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of on the job shoulder injuries. Falling objects are also a frequent cause of workplace shoulder injuries. Work-related shoulder injuries can also stem from computer use, assembly line work or any type of job that requires a worker to perform a repetitive activity or movement on a daily basis.

Elbow Injury Attorneys in Riverside

Shoulder injuries are typically grouped into two categories:

Muscles rubbing against the top part of the shoulder blade cause shoulder impingement. Impingement injuries are often related to overuse. Impingement injuries left untreated can become more serious and lead to other painful, disabling secondary injuries.

When one of the shoulder joints moves or is moved out of its original position, instability occurs. Shoulder instability can be painful and if not treated properly, can lead to dislocation.

Shoulder Injury Lawyer in Riverside

A somewhat simple joint, the elbow performs two movements – flexion and extension. Almost everyone at some point in his or her life has experienced a minor elbow injury or bumped their “funny bone.” A little bump to the funny bone usually does not cause any long-term damage and heals quickly, but a serious elbow injury can require more extensive treatment and surgery. Elbow fractures, ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) tears, tennis elbow, bursitis, and dislocation can require weeks, month, even years of treatment and rehabilitation.

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If you were in an accident at work and you are experiencing any of the warning signs of a shoulder or elbow injury listed below, please do not wait to tell your boss you were harmed and please do not wait to seek medical attention.

Shoulder injury warning signs:

  • Limited rotation
  • Shoulder stiffness
  • Shoulder feels like it could pop out
  • Difficulty performing daily activities
    • Elbow injury warning signs:

      • Numbness or tingling in the joint
      • Inability to lift or perform movement
      • Pain
      • Swelling
      • Change in skin color or texture

      Riverside Shoulder Injury Lawyers

      If you’re dealing with a work-related shoulder or elbow injury, consult a skilled Riverside work comp lawyer at California Workers Compensation Lawyers right now. They can give you peace of mind during a difficult time and will devise a clear plan to get you full and fair benefits for medical bills, lost income, and job retraining. Our joint marketing program can be reached anytime of the day at 951-373-4321. Let us get you connected with a qualified elbow injury attorney or any Riverside head injury attorneyhand injury attorney in Riverside and back neck injury lawyer in  Riverside at absolutely no cost. Every case is taken on a no recovery, no fee guarantee. Consultations are confidential and free.

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