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When a request for medical treatment is filed within the state’s workers’ compensation system, the request must go through a utilization process (UR) to determine whether or not medical treatment is necessary. After a claim is reviewed, it’s not uncommon for the UR to deny, delay or modify an attending physician’s request for medical care because treatment is not deemed necessary. If an injured worker wants to the UR decision reviewed, he or she must go through the independent medical review (IMR) process.

Although the Indipendent Medical Review process was designed to streamline work comp appeals, many workers have found the process to be frustrating and challenging. Sadly, the IMR process puts workers at the mercy of anonymous doctors who aren’t subject to cross-examination.

If you’re work comp claim was denied, delayed or modified and you would like to have the decision reviewed, please do not wait to talk to a workers compensation attorney in Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers. With their expert legal help, you can overcome the appeals process successfully and without any added stress or strain.

Indipendent Medical Review in Riverside

When submitting a request for an Indipendent Medical Review, it’s imperative you:

  • Submit a signed copy of the IMR form before requesting an IMR
  • Include a copy of the utilization review decision with the IMR form
  • Submit both the IMR form and the UR decision within 30 days of receiving the UR decision.

At Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers, we understand how confusing and difficult it can be to make sure you have all of the proper paperwork submitted correctly and on time. Look to a skilled IMR attorney or abest workers compensation lawyer Riverside in our group to handle every step of the claims process for you. No detail is too small and they will use every resource they have to make sure you get maximum benefits for medical care and lost income.

IMR Attorney in Riverside

Concerned you can’t afford a qualified attorney? It’s a common misconception only rich individuals can afford quality legal representation. But, if you think you can’t hire a competent work injury attorney because of costs, think again. Every case the professional IMR lawyers at Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers take is accepted on a contingent basis. What does it mean when a Riverside chemical exposure attorney or Riverside construction accident attorneys takes a case on a contingent basis? Simply put, you won’t have to pay any fees until you get benefits.

IMR Lawyer in Riverside

Time is of the essence when filing an Indipendent Medical Review form, so contact California Workers Compensation Lawyers in Riverside immediately. When you contact us at 951-373-4321 we will match you up with a dedicated Indipendent Medical Review lawyer in our group for free. As mentioned above, no fees are collected until they win your case and the initial case review is free. And, because we feel strongly that quality legal representation should be available to all, we won’t charge you a fee for the customer referral. Act now before you are barred from appealing the decision and ultimately, from collecting benefits.

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