Riverside Denied Claim Attorney

Denied Claim Attorney in Riverside

If your employer or their insurance carrier denied your claim to collect workers’ compensation benefits, you should have been informed of their decision in writing within 14 days of filing the work comp claim. You should have also been told why the claim was denied. Some of the more common reasons claims are denied, include:

  • Your injury is not serious
  • Your injury did not happen at work or within the scope of employment
  • You don’t need time off to recover from your injury
  • Your injury does not require medical treatment or a Independent Medical Review

Denied Claim Lawyer in Riverside

If you became sick because of your job or suffered an injury as a result of a work-related accident, you can fight the insurance company’s decision to deny your claim. Sadly, most insurance companies are quick to deny claims because they want to keep profits high. Insurance companies have also become increasingly skeptical of approving claims because of a spike in work comp claim fraud. But, you should not have to suffer because someone else is taking advantage of the system.

Contact an experienced denied or Riverside delayed claim attorney at California Workers Compensation Lawyers to learn how their experience can be put to work for you. From the minute you call, they will begin a thorough investigation into your case to ensure proper evidence is gathered. With their expert legal representation, you can successfully appeal the insurance company’s decision to get much needed benefits.

Denied Claim Attorneys in Riverside

If your claim has been denied, the skilled denied claim lawyers at California Workers Compensation Lawyers in Riverside will:

  • File for an Application for Adjudication of Claim form with the appropriate offices
  • Remain in constant communication with your employer and the Division of Workers’ Compensation to ensure your documents have been reviewed and approved
  • Request a Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC) if your appeal is denied again
  • Present your case before a judge to reach a fair settlement (if necessary)
  • Secure witnesses to testify on your behalf
  • File a Petition for Reconsideration if the trial did not go in your favor

Denied Claim Lawyers in Riverside

As you can see, appealing a denied claim can be almost impossible without the representation of a dedicated denied claim attorney or CRPS RSD attorney Riverside at California Workers Compensation Lawyers. Winning an appeal is hard without diligence, a proper investigation, proper documentation, and an acute knowledge of work comp laws. They will handle every aspect of your case without charging you any upfront legal fees. You only pay if a skilled denied claim lawyer we work with gets your claim approved and you get benefits for medical bills, lost wages, and job displacement.

Riverside Denied Claim Attorney

You don’t have to face the denied claim process alone! To get a free referral to a professional Riverside workers comp attorney in the area, call California Workers Compensation Lawyers in Riverside at 951-373-4321. Our group will put you in touch with a caring lawyer prepared to handle your case. You can speak privately with the denied claim attorney we connect you with at no cost and as mentioned above, you won’t pay any legal fees until your case is settled fairly. You can also reach our group by submitting a case contact form. Call or email our joint marketing group today before the state stops you from appealing the insurance company’s decision.

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