Riverside Delayed Claim Lawyers

Delayed Claim Lawyers in Riverside

Almost every day at Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers we hear from clients who have received a notice informing them their workers’ compensation claim was delayed. Although it can be difficult to appeal a delayed claim, with the help of a dedicated Riverside workers comp lawyer in our group it’s not impossible.

Your claim may have been delayed for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Insurance company needs to investigate the claim further
  • Not enough evidence linking work and an injury
  • Injury did not occur on company property
  • Employer was not notified of injury within the time allowed by law
  • Injury was pre-existing
  • Date or discovery of injury is uncertain

Delayed Claim Attorneys in Riverside

Despite state and federal guidelines, the worker is often at the mercy of insurance agents leery of workers trying to take advantage of the system. These insurance agents are also facing pressure from supervisors to keep costs low – even if it’s at the expense of suffering workers. As friendly as the insurance agent may seem, it’s important to remember the agent is looking for any way to prevent paying you benefits. Don’t let a delayed claim letter discourage you from appealing the decision. With the assistance of an aggressive delayed claim lawyer at Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers it’s possible to appeal a delayed claim successfully.

Delayed Claim Lawyer in Riverside

If you received notice of a delayed claim decision, it’s vital you don’t wait to take action. You only have so much time to appeal the decision and make sure the proper paperwork is submitted. Failure to appeal the decision quickly could put your ability to secure benefits at risk. Don’t jeopardize your one chance to get compensation for:

Medical costs – doctor visits, surgery, medicine, imr, medical equipment, rehabilitation
Lost wages – for taking time off work while recovering
Job retraining – voucher for educational retraining or skill enhancement

Delayed Claim Attorney in Riverside

One of the many questions our group gets asked frequently is, “do I really need a lawyer?” Insurance companies may use a number of different tactics to avoid or minimize paying workers’ compensation benefits. The aggressive delayed claim attorneys or a CRPS and RSD attorney in Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers will use their expert legal skill to anticipate and contest the insurance company’s next move. They can also dispel any doubts the insurance company may have about the validity of an injury, especially if the injury is stress related.

When a competent delayed claim lawyer is working alongside you, you have a much better chance of getting a better outcome. Employees with experienced legal representation typically recover up to four times more compensation than workers without quality legal help.

Riverside Delayed Claim Lawyers

Contact California Workers Compensation Lawyers in Riverside to receive a free referral to a caring delayed claim attorney. You can reach our group by calling 951-373-4321 anytime of the day. There are never any fees to discuss your potential case and should you decide to work with the professional delayed claims lawyer or a Riverside chemical exposure lawyer we connect you with, you owe nothing until you are given benefits. You deserve to recover without any added strain or stress. Call our group now to learn how we can help relieve you of the strain of dealing with the work comp system alone.

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