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The human hands are not only essential to performing everyday tasks; they are a vital part of how we interact with other individuals. Hands are capable of many functions, such as holding, manipulating, feeling, and grasping. Without the use of a hand or both hands, an individual’s way of life can be greatly affected.

When a hand injury happens at work, a worker may be confused as to what medical and legal options are available. An employee hurt at work can file a workers’ compensation claim to secure benefits for hand injury expenses. When looking to collect workers’ compensation benefits, a worker must fill out a DWC1 form. Once the form is completed, the worker must turn in the form to his or her employer. Please note: the state only allows 30 days from the date the injury occurred to notify an employer of a workplace injury.

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With more than 26 bones in the hand and wrist, it’s easy to see why hand fractures are some of the most common types of hand injuries. There are many types of hand fractures, including:

Distal radial fracture
The radius bone is the most common bone to break in the hand. Falls are a frequent cause of distal radial fractures. Individuals trying to “break” a fall often outstretch their hands. The hands and wrist absorb much of the force of a fall, but are often injured at work in the process. Symptoms of a distal radial fracture include pain, swelling, and deformity of the shape of the wrist.

Finger fracture
A seemingly minor finger fracture can cause lifelong problems if not treated properly. A broken finger can cause the rest of the hand bones to misalign, resulting in stiffness, pain, and reduced mobility.

Boxer’s fracture
A break in the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones connecting the pinky finger to the wrist is commonly referred to as a boxer’s fracture. Some doctors may describe a break in the second and third metacarpal bones as a boxer’s fracture as well. Immobilization is the most common treatment for a Boxer’s factures; however, a more serious break could require surgery.

Hand Injury Attorneys in Riverside

In addition to breaks, the hand can also sustain overuse injuries, burn injuries, laceration injuries, dislocation injuries, amputation injuries, and sprain or strains. At Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers, the competent hand injury lawyers and head injury attorney Riverside, we work with know how disruptive a hand injury can be. If your job requires you to work with your hands in any capacity (which most jobs do) it could be impossible for you to return to work.

The experienced hand injury attorneys in our group have secured millions of dollars in benefits for workers suffering from a disabling hand injury and can help you get more than what the insurance company is offering. The insurance company is not looking out for you, they are looking out for their shareholders and will not hesitate denying or modifying your claim. Reach our workers comp attorney Riverside group now by calling 951-373-4321 or by sending a case contact form. The initial consultation is free and our group does not charge any fee for a referral to a dedicated hand injury lawyer. Every hand injury attorney in our group works on a contingent basis, meaning you owe nothing until you get benefits.

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