Injured at Work?

What to do if I’m injured at Work

No one expects to get injured, especially while at work. But, if an injury does occur during the course of your employment, certain steps must be taken to ensure you receive all of the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to. Failure to follow the proper work comp procedures could put your ability to collect benefits at risk.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury requiring immediate medical attention, do not wait to see a doctor. Once you have been treated, notify your employer of the injury in writing. If you’re injury does not require immediate medical attention, verbally inform your employer of the injury and fill out any internal forms required by work. Don’t wait to tell your employer about the injury. Waiting to notify your supervisor about an injury could prevent you from obtaining benefits. Even if you think your injury is not serious or you contributed to the accident occurring, notify a supervisor at work as soon as possible.

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Although your employer may not require it, it’s best to give your employer a written notice documenting the injury. A written notice does not have to be long, but should include: what type of injury you sustained and how, when, and where the injury occurred. It’s also very important you keep a copy of the written notice.

If your injuries occurred over time and are not related to a specific event, it’s not always so clear-cut as to when you knew or should have known about the injury or illness. If you were recently diagnosed with an occupational injury or illness, it’s best to tell work as soon as you receive the diagnosis. As mentioned above, it’s important you provide a written document describing the injury and how it’s related to work in addition to a verbal notification.

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Once you have notified your employer and completed a DWC1 form, your employer should submit the form to their insurance company for review. While the insurance company reviews your claim, it’s important to:

Document every symptom or other medical condition related to your injury or illness. Insurance companies rely heavily on medical records to determine how much (if any) compensation should be paid to you. If your medical records do not reflect the information you provided on the DWC1 claim form, the validity of your claim may be questioned.

Be mindful when talking to the insurance agent. As nice and accommodating as the insurance adjuster may seem, it’s important to keep in mind that a big part of their job is to pay you the absolute minimum. You do not have to share any information regarding your injury and in fact, it’s not recommended you talk to an insurance agent without the representation of a skilled work injury lawyer at Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers and Corona workers compensation attorney Pros.

Be careful what you do. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to hire surveillance investigators and in some cases, recruit co-workers and neighbors to testify on your activities. At Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers and workers compensation attorney in Chino, we understand you may have bad and good days while recovering, and it may be difficult to refrain from performing certain activities on your good days. However, if the insurance company gets footage of you doing yard work on your good day, it could be detrimental to your case.

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