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You took all the required safety precautions, but you still suffered a serious injury while on the job. At first, you didn’t think you’re injury was bad. But, the pain is getting worse and now, you’re not even sure you can make it through the workday.

If you were injured in a construction accident and have not told your supervisor about the injury, you would be well advised to notify your supervisor or someone of authority immediately. In the state of California, you are allowed 30 days to report your injury. Failure to report your injury within 30 days of the injury occurring could jeopardize your legal right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Construction Accident Lawyers in Riverside

Many construction trades, such as carpenters, heavy equipment operators, electricians, and plumbers are regularly exposed to dangerous working conditions and hazardous materials. Construction accidents can result in many serious types of injuries, but some of the most common types of construction accident injuries are:

Head & brain injuries
Falls from an elevation or falls from a slippery surface often result in head and brain injuries. On construction sites, an object falling from above is also a common cause of head and brain injuries. More serious types of head injuries, such as hematomas, hemorrhages, and concussions, can have devastating long-term affects.

Bone fractures
If not stored or operated properly, heavy machinery, tools, and other types of equipment can inflict severe bone fractures. Bones are meant to withstand some force, but excessive force placed on any one of the human body’s 206 bones can result in comminuted fractures, stress fractures, and open or closed bone fractures.

Burn injuries
Fires and explosions are one of the most frequent causes of construction accident-related burn injuries. However, burns can also occur when the skin comes into direct contact with toxic chemicals. Burns are usually described as either first, second, or third degree. Third degree burns are the most serious and often require months of surgery and treatment.

Construction Accident Attorney in Riverside

You thought it was going to be easy to collect work comp benefits, but you have quickly realized the system can be hard to navigate alone. Why put your ability to get benefits at risk? Look to a dedicated construction accident lawyer at Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers to fight for your rights on your behalf. They won’t leave any stone unturned when making sure the insurance company does not deny you benefits for surgery, hospitalizations, medicine, lost income, and job displacement.

Construction Accident Lawyer in Riverside

If you would like to learn more about our joint marketing program and receive a free referral to an aggressive workers comp lawyer Riverside in the area, please call 951-373-4321. When you call, a friendly  Riverside California Workers Compensation Lawyers staff member will evaluate your case to ensure you are connected with a construction accident lawyer who’s handled cases like yours others like carpal tunnel syndrome injury lawyersRiverside knee ankle foot injury lawyer and Riverside hearing loss lawyers. If you decide to hire the attorney we refer you to, you and the lawyer will enter into a contingency fee arrangement. Simply put, you won’t owe the attorney any money till you get benefits. The initial consultation is free so don’t wait to call.

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