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The San Bernardino California Workers Compensation Lawyers deals with people like you every day, and the one big thing we’ve noticed is the lack of knowledge injured workers have when it comes to work comp benefits. If someone has an injury and they don’t try to find out everything they can about it as soon as possible, it could hurt the value of their work injury case in the long-term. Do you have any idea what kind benefits you might be entitled to when you’ve been injured at work? If you have been seriously injured enough and are not able to return to work immediately you could be entitled to the benefits below.

  • Temporary disability payments
  • Permanent disability payments

Workers Compensation Lawyer In San Bernardino

I’m sure you can already imagine why understanding you are entitled to these benefits would be useful. Why should you have to live on your savings when you’ve been injured at work if you are entitled to temporary disability payments designed to help you get back on your feet? It’s even worse when you’ll never be able to work again, because if you fail to claim the permanent disability payments your entire world could collapse around you. In case you were wondering, you could also be entitled to any of these work comp benefits too:

  • Medical bills paid in full
  • Money to help retrain you

San Bernardino Workers Compensation Attorney

All of this might sound too good to be true, but it’s part of the work comp law in California and a workers compensation lawyer in San Bernardino will know how to get you all the work comp benefits you deserve. The only question you’re maybe wondering about now is how badly you need to be injured, but don’t worry because we’ve got good news. If you’ve recently been injured at work it doesn’t matter how serious it is, although we could easily split it up into a couple of different categories:

  • Minor injuries/illnesses
  • Major injuries/illnesses

Workers Compensation Lawyers In San Bernardino

Please keep in mind, these aren’t actually official categories the state recognizes all injuries and everything will be looked at on a case by case basis. We’re only breaking them down to help you realize you can make an work injury claim even if it’s small, plus you could also be entitled to work comp benefits in San Bernardino if you’ve ended up with a major injury or illness which has developed over time. Take a look at some of the minor injuries a workers compensation lawyer in San Bernardino could help you with:

  • A temporary visual impairment
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Sprained or fractured ankles
  • Torn tendons and ligaments
  • Scratches or bites from animals

Workers Compensation Attorneys In San Bernardino

You’ve also got your major injuries like permanent blindness or hearing loss, severe burns, and a loss of limbs. Then you have illnesses, which could include anything from cancer to various mental disorders. These major injuries and illnesses are a little different, because instead of striking straight away it could be years until you find out you have a problem. It means these are slightly harder to fight, although it’s by no means an impossible task for a competent workers compensation attorney in San Bernardino or workers compensation attorney Riverside. Death is the biggest of them all, but it would be up to the dependents to claim work comp benefits.

San Bernardino Work Comp Attorney

Our work injury lawyer in San Bernardino are always very caring and good at getting results, but even more importantly they’ll be able to help you fight through the maze of paperwork. When you’ve got to fill out forms like a Declaration Pursuant to Labor Code form, Application for Adjudication of Claim form, and DWC-1 claim form it’s easy for things to spiral out of control. Failure to submit everything correctly could mean your work comp benefits claim could be delayed or rejected.

San Bernardino Work Injury Lawyer

Hiring a work compensation lawyer in San Bernardino can bring great success in your work comp settlement. But, before you even hire an attorney you must follow the law and inform your employer of your injury in a timey manner. You must inform your employer you’ve been injured within 30 days to stay in line with state law. Don’t get injured the day before you leave for vacation and keep it to yourself, because by the time you get back you’ll be battling against the clock. At least you don’t need to submit all the forms within such a short period of time. Make sure your injury is documented and you’ll be fine.

Work Comp Lawyers In San Bernardino

No matter what happens, you’re could have a much tougher time getting the work comp benefits than you would like. A workers compensation lawyer in San Bernardino knows how to deal with insurance firms and they experienced and comfortable in dealing with your claim. Insurance companies will do anything within the law to save money; it is just how they operate. That is why having a great attorney on your side is a terrific idea.

Work Comp Attorneys In San Bernardino

You want your work comp benefits, but you might also want to take advantage of the fact that a work comp lawyer can do this work for you. Relieving you of the stress in dealing with the cumbersome work comp system in California. Don’t take this task on alone, especially if you are suffering from a debilitating injury. Below you will see some of the tasks a workers compensation lawyer can take off your hand and help you to sleep better at night.

  • All of the paperwork will be completed for you
  • Everything will be checked over multiple times
  • Your case will be appealed if it’s rejected
  • You won’t have to worry about any negotiations
  • Eyewitness accounts and medical investigations
  • Court proceedings taken care of when necessary

Workers Compensation Attorney San Bernardino

There are no guarantees with how large of a settlement you may walk away with, but hopefully all the information provided today will give you the confidence to call us for help. If you are suffering from an injury or illness the San Bernardino California Workers Compensation Lawyers  and California Workers Compensation Lawyers in Riverside are here to help you get your case on the right track and get you the maximum financial settlement under California law. Call now for a free initial consultation. All cases are taken on a No Win, No Fee basis, which means if we don’t win your case, you pay nothing, ever. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by calling and scheduling a face-to-face meeting with one of our experienced work comp lawyers. Call 951-373-4321 to Contact a workers compensation lawyer.

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